Wisconsin – Incorrect Payment Vouchers

SALT Report 2393 – The Wisconsin Department of Revenue issued an advisory notice regarding payment vouchers. The notice states that over the past few months the Department has received a large volume of vouchers that have missing, incomplete or incorrect OCR scan lines.

The Department warns that if a payment voucher is received with an incorrect OCR scan line there may be a delay or error in posting the payment to the taxpayer account. Any delay will result in the payment being deemed untimely filed and penalties or interest may be imposed.

Therefore, when remitting a payment on a software provided payment voucher, be sure that the OCR scan line is populated with the correct characters using the correct font. If the software you are using cannot produce a correctly formatted voucher, you are urged to use the Department’s fill-in voucher form.

For Further Information

Wisconsin Department of Revenue – Notice

OCR Voucher Specifications


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