Alabama – New Electronic Filing and Payment Information

SALT Report 2514 – The Alabama Department of Revenue issued a reminder that effective July 1, 2013 the paperless filing and payment system will be discontinued. On July 1, the state will transition to their new filing system, My Alabama Taxes (MAT).

Until that date, you may continue to use the Paperless Filing and Payment System if:

  • You file and/or pay certain self-administered local sales, use, rental, and lodgings taxes. These localities will be included in MAT on July 1, 2013, or
  • You upload returns using the “bulk file” method – this function is currently available in MAT for Withholding Taxes only, however it will be available for all other taxes on July 1, 2013

You may also continue using the paperless filing and payment system until July 1, 2013 if you pay any of the following:

  • Hospital Assessment Fees – for payments after June 30th, contact the Sales & Use Tax Division
  • Playing Cards Tax – for payments after June 30th, contact the Tobacco Tax Division
  • Corporate Income Tax, Business Privilege Tax, Financial Institution Excise Tax, or Pass-through Entities Taxes – you may pay through MAT or visit the eServices page for alternative payment methods

If none of the above situations apply, you must register and begin using MAT with your next return filing and/or payment.

For Further Information

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