California – Tax Practitioner Information Portal

SALT Report 2504 – The California State Board of Equalization announced that they have created a new section on their website specific to tax practitioners. The portal is designed to help you save time by putting information that is relevant to tax practitioners in one location. The portal is divided into four sections; each containing information important to doing business in California.

Getting Started – This section provides information about business registration, recordkeeping, and audits.

Filing and Payments – This section discusses filing methods, online payments, important due dates, how to file a sales and use tax return, and how to file a relief request. This section also has a FAQ link, tutorial videos, and a link to BOE business guides which are available in multiple languages.

News and Outreach – This section provides links to the all BOE issued special notices, news releases, classes, seminar schedules, public meeting schedules, and other important information for tax practitioners and their clients.

Forms – This section has links to all business forms, publications, and reference material for each of the BOE’s tax programs.

Resources – This section provides links to BOE public resources, law guides, city and county tax rates, permit and license verification, and web-based seminars.

Additionally, if you need further assistance the portal has a link that will allow you to talk to a live customer service representative.

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California State Board of Equalization – Tax Practitioner Information Portal