Colorado – Secure Messaging Now Available

SALT Report 2530 – The Colorado Department of Revenue announced that if you have a Login ID and Password that you use to access your Colorado tax account through Revenue Online, you now have the ability to send questions directly to Department staff regarding your account.

To send a message, you must first verify your email address with the Department. Once verified, you can go to the Messages tab in your Revenue Online account. Here you will find an email box where you can send your message. After your message has been sent, you will see a pop up message on your screen confirming that the message has been sent. The Department will also send an email to the address on file in your Revenue Online account, stating that they have received your message.

When a reply from the Department is ready for you to view, you will receive another email at the address on file. You must log in to your Revenue Online account to view Department responses. Replies will never be sent directly to your email address.

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Colorado Department of Revenue – How to Use Secure Messaging