Colorado – Senate Passes Bill to Comply With Federal Remote Seller Requirements

SALT Report 2476 – On May 6, 2013 the Colorado Senate passed House Bill 1295, a Bill that meets the minimum simplification requirements of the Federal Marketplace Fairness Act of 2013. Once enacted, Colorado will be authorized by the federal government to require remote sellers to collect sales tax on all taxable sales made within the state.

The Senate passed the Bill with the following amendment:

5 (4) The Department of Revenue shall make available to all qualified purchasers an electronic list of all remote sellers and their Colorado Account numbers in order to facilitate the qualified purchaser’s appropriate remittance of tax… Such a list must remain confidential… and must be used only for the proper administration of the tax.

The final Bill has been sent to the Governor for his signature.

For Further Information

Colorado General Assembly – House Bill 1295