Georgia – Governor Vetoes Legislation to Create and Reenact Several Sales Tax Exemptions

SALT Report 2483 – On May 7, 2013 Georgia Governor Nathan Deal vetoed legislation that would have created a temporary sales and use tax exemption for certain job training organizations; and would have reenacted several temporary sales and use tax exemptions for nonprofit health centers, volunteer health clinics, food donations for disaster relief purposes, and prepared foods donated to qualified nonprofit agencies.

Additionally, the vetoed Bill also contained provisions that would have:

  • Amended the definition of delivery charges to exclude certain direct mail postage charges as required by the Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement, and
  • Provided further amendments to the definition of incremental sales and use tax relative to the Georgia Tourism Development Act

The Governor stated that he will request that the Governor’s Competitiveness Initiative Task Force review the legislation and provide an opinion as to whether there are valid reasons to renew the exemptions during the next legislative session.

For Further Information

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