Washington – Local Sales and Use Tax Rate Guide for Car Dealers

SALT Report 2538 – The Washington Department of Revenue updated their sales and use tax rate guide for car dealers and leasing companies. The guide reflects that the sale, lease, or rental of a motor vehicle licensed for on-road use is subject to a tax of .003% of the selling price. This tax is in addition to the state and local sales tax; however it does not apply if a rental car tax is imposed.

Local Sales and Use Tax Rate Changes Effective July 1, 2013

  • The city of Aberdeen will increase its local sales tax rate by 0.13%, for a total rate of 8.53%, and
  • The city of Stanwood will increase its local rate by 0.2%, for a total rate of 8.8%

Finally, the following municipalities have imposed annexations that will affect their tax rates effective July 1, 2013: Forks, Ridgefield, Vancouver, Moses Lake, Redmond, Tonasket, Snohomish, and Lynnwood.

For Further Information

Washington Department of Revenue – Car Dealers and Leasing Companies Local Sales & Use Tax Rate Changes


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