Hawaii – Discussion Points for Cash Economy Enforcement Hearing

SALT Report 2561 – The Hawaii Department of Taxation issued a news release regarding the topics that will be discussed at the June 18 hearing to address a new rule related to cash economy enforcement. The rule §18-231-96-01 would amend Section 231-96, Hawaii Revised Statutes, to require anyone conducting taxable transactions in cash to:

  • Offer a receipt or other record of the transaction, and
  • Maintain a contemporaneously generated record of all business transactions conducted each day

The proposed rule is based on current law, and does not take into account any changes required by Senate Bill 1196. Because SB 1196 could become law between now and the date of the hearing, the Department will also address comments on how to amend §18-231-96-01 in the event that SB 1196 becomes law.

For Further Information

Hawaii Department of Taxation – News Release

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