Oklahoma – Exempt Purchases Using Red Cross Debit Cards

SALT Report 2607 – The Oklahoma Tax Commission issued a notice advising taxpayers that due to the recent tornadoes in the state, the Commission is providing a sales tax exemption for purchases of tangible personal property and services by victims of the tornadoes.

Qualified purchases must be made with a Red Cross Client Assistance debit card. To identify these debit cards, retailers should look for the phrase “RED CROSS CLIENT,” the Red Cross symbol, and the words “American Red Cross” on the cards. Additionally, all of these cards are MasterCards issued by J.P. Morgan Chase and have the same bank identification number, which is 5145.

To document an exempt purchase made with a Red Cross debit card, the seller must either make and keep a copy of the card, or record the purchaser’s name and the number referenced on the face of the card in their records.

For Further Information

Oklahoma Tax Commission – Public Notice


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