California – Proposed Revenue Recovery and Collaborative Enforcement Team

SALT Report 2727 – The California Legislature has proposed a Bill that would require various state agencies to implement a pilot program called the Revenue Recovery and Collaborative Enforcement Team. The multi-agency Team would consist of members from the Employment Development Department, the Franchise Tax Board, the Department of Revenue, and the State Board of Equalization

The Team would collaborate on ways to combat criminal tax evasion associated with the state’s underground cash economy by developing a plan to jointly document, review, and evaluate data and complaints.

In addition, the bill would authorize the California Health and Human Services Agency, the Department of Consumer Affairs, the Department of Industrial Relations, the Department of Insurance, the Employment Development Department, and the Department of Motor Vehicles to participate in the pilot program in an advisory capacity.

Working together, the Team members and representatives from these agencies would be authorized to exchange information for the purpose of investigating criminal tax evasion.

For Further Information

California State Legislature – Assembly Bill 576