Florida – Amended Refund Provisions for Building Materials Used in Redevelopment Projects

SALT Report 2706 – The Florida Department of Revenue issued guidance regarding recent legislative changes to the sales tax refund available for building materials used in redevelopment projects located within a brownfield area.

Paragraph 212.08(5)(o), Florida Statutes has been amended to reflect that “each brownfield area in which housing projects or mixed-use projects are constructed must be a brownfield site for which a rehabilitation agreement with the Department of Environmental Protection has been executed, and any abutting real property parcel within a brownfield area.”

The amendments to the refund apply to all qualified projects where work is initiated on or after May 17, 2013.  All other eligibility and refund application filing requirements remain the same.

 For Further Information

Florida Department of Revenue – Tax Information Publication #13A01-10


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