Colorado – Requesting Copies of Your Tax Returns

SALT Report 2888 – The Colorado Department of Revenue issued guidance for taxpayers who wish to obtain copies of previously filed tax returns.  If you have signed up for Revenue Online you can access your account and get copies of the following tax returns, so long as they were filed with the Department.

  • Individual income tax returns going back to 2009,
  • Corporate, fiduciary and partnership income tax returns going back to 2010,
  • Sales tax, retailer’s use tax and withholding tax returns going back to 2010, and
  • International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) returns going back to 2007

Copies may be printed from Revenue Online as long as the taxpayer, or their representative, has already signed up for a tax account through Revenue Online and the returns requested are for that tax specific type.

If you need to obtain paper copies of tax returns by mail, you must complete and submit the Request for Copy of Tax Returns – DR 5714.  A third party who has a valid state or federal Power of Attorney may request return copies by attaching the Power of Attorney – DR 0145 or the federal 2848 power of attorney form to the DR 5714.  The Power of Attorney document must specify the tax types that the third party can access.

To ensure a taxpayer’s confidentiality, the Request for Copy of Tax Returns requires notary verification on the paper form. The notary must verify the identity of the individual making the request, even when the taxpayer, not a third party, is making the request.

For Further Information

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