Illinois – Changes to Form ST-556 Filing Process

SALT Report 2839 – The Illinois Department of Revenue issued an informational bulletin that discusses recent changes to Form ST-556 Filing Processes for sales and use tax purposes.  The bulletin states that, beginning October 1, 2013 the three-part, pin-fed ST-556 paper forms will no longer be available.  Therefore, anyone who files this form is being requested to do so electronically.

However, if you have not transitioned to the electronic filing system, they Department will make available, in very limited quantities, a new, single-page form.  The new form no longer requires the use of the special pin-fed printer that was necessary for the three-part form.  Instead, the new forms can be used on a standard printer.

Also, the Department warns that any copies of completed transactions that may be needed for your customer or dealership records must be printed at your facility. This is because the new blank form is one-time use only, due to the individual transaction number on each form.

Finally, the Department notes that other than the type of paper and the number of pages in the form, no further changes have been made. Therefore, filing deadlines, required information, line numbers, and line spacing and formatting will remain the same.

For Further Information

Illinois Department of Revenue – Informational Bulletin FY 2014-03