MultiState – Sales Tax Seminars

SALT Report 2923 – The Wisconsin and Minnesota Departments of Revenue announced that, together, they are offering a series of sales and use tax seminars in October 2013. The seminars will provide an overview of the sales and use tax laws that apply to companies that do business in both states.  The seminars are designed to help these businesses better understand each state’s tax laws so they can meet their reporting obligations.

Topics include:

  • Registering for sales and use taxes in Minnesota, Wisconsin, or both states
  • Cities, counties, and other jurisdictions in each state that have local taxes
  • What’s taxable in each state
  • Exceptions to the general tax rules
  • Exemptions
  • How and when to use or accept an exemption certificate
  • How the tax laws apply to different types of businesses

If you would like to attend one of these free seminars, you must register in advance.

For Further Information

Wisconsin Department of Revenue – Sales and Use Tax Seminars