Ohio – New Refund Procedures and Application

SALT Report 2887 – The Ohio Department of Taxation issued a Tax Alert due to changes in the process for applying for a sales and use tax refund.  The notice states that all refund applications must include the following:

  •  Questions 1 through 9 must be answered, and
  • Page 4 must be completed, or
  • An electronic spreadsheet set up like the example on page 4

Incomplete applications will not be accepted for filing, or considered for a refund.  An application will not be considered complete, and the Department will return the application, documents, and any supporting schedules to the taxpayer if any of the above information is not provided.

Also, the Ohio Department of Taxation has released a revised version of the Application for Sales/Use Tax Refund, effective August 2013.

For Further Information

Ohio Department of Taxation – Tax Alert


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