Texas – Did You Receive a Phishing Email?

SALT Report 2810 – The Texas Comptroller issued a warning that on July 12, 2013 several divisions within the Comptroller’s office were contacted by taxpayers regarding the validity of emails that claimed to be from the Department.

The emails stated that the recipient was either entitled to a tax refund or has had a tax appeal denied.  In most cases, the emails provided a link to a form that the taxpayer was requested to fill out to claim their refund or to correct the issue.

However, the Department warns that these emails are a scam and are designed to obtain confidential taxpayer information, such as bank accounts and social security numbers.

The Comptroller advises that if you receive one of these emails your should delete it right away.  If you have further questions you should contact the Comptroller’s office directly at 1-800-531-5441.

For Further Information

Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts – Notice


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