Texas – Regulation on Auditing Taxpayer Records Amended

SALT Report 2909 – The Texas Comptroller amended the sales tax rule regarding taxpayer audits to implement certain provisions recently enacted by House Bill 3319.  The legislation requires that a taxpayer who is claiming a refund or credit to keep contemporaneous records to substantiate the credit or refund for a minimum of four years from the date the record is made.  The records must be kept for all periods in which any tax, penalty, or interest may be assessed, collected, or refunded, or in which an administrative hearing or judicial proceeding is pending, unless the Comptroller authorizes a shorter retention period.

In addition, the legislation deleted obsolete provisions related to the CPA audit program.

The amendments to this rule were effective August 15, 2013.

For Further Information

Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts – Rule 34 TAC §3.282

Texas Secretary of State – Adopted Rules


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