Georgia – Signature Requirements for Certain Tax Returns Issued

SALT Report 3014 – The Georgia Department of Revenue has updated its rule regarding signature requirements for tax returns to address returns filed using the Georgia Tax Center.  According to the amended rule, taxpayers and third parties must register with the Georgia Department of Revenue using the tax registration application, Form CRF-002 or the electronic equivalent. The form must be completed, signed, and include the state identification number issued by the Department prior to creating a user profile.  Once the registration process is completed, the Department will consider a return submitted through the GTC to be electronically signed.

However, an electronic return will not be considered filed until all components of an electronic signature are transmitted to the Department and the Department issues a confirmation number.  This confirmation number will be an acknowledgement of the receipt of the return only it will not acknowledge that the return is correct as filed.

The revised rule is effective October 3, 2013.

For Further Information

Georgia Department of Revenue – Rule 560-3-2-.27 Signature Requirements For Tax Returns