Mississippi – New Online Tax Filing System

SALT Report 2969 – The Mississippi Department of Revenue issued a reminder that businesses who file sales and use taxes in Mississippi will be required to start using the Department’s new online filing system, Taxpayer Access Point, effective October 7, 2013.

Taxpayers will be required to use the system if they have received a notice indicating that they must convert to TAP, or if:

  • They have more than one Sales Tax account
  • They need to file for more than four tax rates
  • They have more than one business location subject to Sales Taxes
  • They are subject to the occupancy, motor vehicle rental, waste tire, city utility, ATV/trauma care fee, utilities filing distribution by city, inter/intrastate telecommunication, prepaid wireless E911, or distribution of motor fuel by city taxes

The TAP system allows taxpayers to:

  • File and amend returns,
  • Make electronic payments,
  • View tax account activities for at least three years of tax filings,
  • Register a new business or add accounts to a business,
  • Apply for permits and pay for permit renewals,
  • Make address changes or close an account, and
  • View correspondence from the DOR

Lastly, the Department is issuing new 8-digit tax account numbers that must be used when filing and reporting your taxes in TAP.  The Department warns that failing to use the new account number may cause delays in processing which will result in late penalties.

For Further Information

Mississippi Department of Revenue – New Online Filing System for Sales Tax


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