North Carolina – 2013 Sales and Use Tax Law Changes

SALT Report 2987 – The North Carolina Department of Revenue issued a publication that discusses changes to the taxes administered by the Sales and Use Tax Division that were enacted by the 2013 Session of the General Assembly.

Part I of the publication discusses sales and use tax rate changes applicable to manufactured homes, modular homes, electricity, and piped natural gas.

Part II discusses new transactions that are subject to sales and use tax as a result of tax modernization measure.  This includes admission charges and service contracts.

Part III provides information on amended and repealed exemptions.  For example, computer software, advertising and promotional direct mail, electricity, nutritional supplements sold by chiropractors, farmers, sales tax holidays, etc.

Part IV provides information regarding miscellaneous items.  For example, requirements for specialty market operators or operators of an event registration list, and automated sales suppression devices.

The Department warns that this legislation supersedes information previously set forth in any Sales and Use Tax Administrative Rule, Technical Bulletin, Notice, Directive, or Private Letter Ruling.

For Further Information

North Carolina Department of Revenue – Form E-505