Pennsylvania – Changes to Fill-in and Print-Only Forms

SALT Report 3033 – The Pennsylvania Department of Revenue announced that they will no longer offer both a print-only version and a fill-in version for certain tax and business forms.  Instead, the Department will offer the fill-in only version of these forms, which can be completed online and saved to a computer or printed immediately. However, if necessary the form can be printed as a blank document and filled in by hand.

The updated form name will follow the print-only format and the words fill-in will be removed from the name. For example: the Inheritance Tax Return was previously available as both the rev-1500.pdf and the rev-1500_fillin.pdf.  This form will be combined and called the rev-1500.pdf.  But, for a limited time, both versions of these forms will remain on the Department’s website until updated versions are created.

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