Pennsylvania – DOR Discusses Tax Appeal Changes

SALT Report 3032 – The Pennsylvania Department of Revenue’s bi-monthly newsletter discusses recent changes to the state’s tax appeal process.  Key changes to the appeals process include:

  • A restructuring of the Board of Finance and Revenue within the Treasury Department to better address tax appeals,
  • Three new board members will replace the current six board members who represent various agencies of state government. The three new board members must meet minimum standards for experience with accounting and state tax law,
  • The Department will consider requests for compromise in cases where the compromise discloses doubt regarding liability, or to create effective tax administration. This will allow taxpayers to resolve their tax appeals within a few weeks, rather than years, and
  • During an appeal, both the petitioner and the Department will be allowed to present oral and documentary evidence before the Board

The tax appeals reform was part of the comprehensive tax reform plan proposed by Governor Corbett and included in the 2013-14 budget.

For Further Information

Pennsylvania Department of Revenue – Tax Update Number 169