South Carolina – Department Will Provide Additional Credit Monitoring Services

SALT Report 2988 – The South Carolina Department of Revenue issued an advisory to taxpayers who have received emails from Experian warning them that their “Protect My ID” credit monitoring is about to expire.  The emails state that Experian is offering taxpayers a chance to renew their credit monitoring service for $12 a year.

The Department is advising taxpayers to wait before renewing this service because they are currently in the process of awarding a new contract for credit monitoring and ID theft protection services that will be free to taxpayers.  However, if a taxpayer chooses to purchase their own protection they will be able to deduct a portion of that cost from their state income taxes. The Department stated that the final details of the state-provided coverage would be in place by October 24, 2013, before any taxpayer coverage lapses.

Last year, the state paid Experian $10 million to provide one year of credit monitoring for taxpayers who were the victims of an international hacker who gained access to the Department’s database and stole the personal information of 6.4 million individuals and businesses.  So far, there have been no confirmed cases of identity theft or credit theft as a result of the breach, however the Department warns that hackers can hold onto the stolen personal information for years before using it.

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