California – San Francisco Considering a Tax on Sugary Drinks

SALT Report 3127 – Monday, Oct 28th, in a statement on Twitter, San Francisco Supervisor, Scott Wiener announced a “sugary beverage tax to fund nutrition/physical activity/health programs & combat diabetes epidemic.”  Mr. Wiener’s intention, according to the article cited in his announcement, is to propose a 2 cents-per-ounce tax on the November 2014 ballot.

Mr. Wiener also posted a statement on Facebook saying that “Tomorrow I’ll be introducing a tax on sugary beverages, with the proceeds dedicated to city and school nutrition, physical activity, and health programs – for example phys ed, after-school programs, school lunch, food access programs for low income folks, and expanding recreation center hours and programs. Mounting scientific evidence links sugary beverages to the explosion of diabetes, obesity, and other health problems. This measure will make our city healthier, by both reducing consumption and funding programs that improve well-being.”

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