North Carolina – DOR Warns of Telephone Tax Scam

SALT Report 3045 – The North Carolina Department of Revenue issued a press release to warn taxpayers about a telephone scam that involves individuals representing themselves as Department of Revenue employees.  Generally, these individuals contact taxpayers and tell them that they have delinquent tax bills and pressure them to immediately send an electronic payment from a financial institution located in a large retail business.

For example, the Department of Revenue was recently contacted by a tax professional in Indiana whose client received a phone call from an individual who claimed to be a Department employee. This person instructed the taxpayer to send money from a local retailer to pay a fraudulent North Carolina tax bill.

Because the Department has noticed an increase in this type of scam, they are reminding taxpayers that:

  • They will never request that a taxpayer pay a tax bill at a specific retail outlet or financial institution, and
  • Before contacting a taxpayer by phone about collection activities, the Department will send at least one, and up to five, notices by mail that detail an overdue or delinquent tax payment.

Therefore, if a taxpayer receives a questionable phone call from the Department or any other tax agency, they should contact the Department immediately.

For Further Information

North Carolina Department of Revenue – Press Release