Vermont – Changes to the Fuel Gross Receipts Tax

SALT Report 3089 – The Vermont Department of Taxes released a fact sheet that discusses recent changes to the fuel gross receipts tax law.  The fact sheet reflects that, effective July 1, 2013 the $10,000 threshold on the Vermont Fuel Gross Receipts Tax is eliminated.  Therefore, all sales of the following fuels are subject to the 0.5% tax, regardless of the amount sold:

  • Heating oil, kerosene, and other dyed diesel fuels delivered to a business or residence
  • Propane gas
  • Natural gas
  • Electricity
  • Coal

In addition, the $10,000 threshold from the Petroleum Distributor Licensing Fee is eliminated. Therefore, all retail deliveries of heating oil, kerosene, and dyed diesel fuel to a business or residence are subject to the $.01 per gallon licensing fee, regardless of the amount sold.

Lastly, effective October 2013, the Department will no longer automatically mail Form FG-601 to taxpayers, instead it will be available online as a fill-in form.  The Department mailed postcards to all taxpayers registered for the Fuel Gross Receipts Tax advising them of the new fill-in form in September.

The provisions in this fact sheet expire on June 30, 2014.

For Further Information

Vermont Department of Taxes – Fact Sheet #FS-1007