Vermont – Notice Requirement if Tax is Included in the Price of Meals or Alcohol

SALT Report 3103 – The Vermont Department of Taxes released a fact sheet that discusses the requirement for businesses to notify their customers if they have included the meals and rooms tax in the amount charged for meals or alcoholic beverages as required by Regulation §1.9242-2 (A)-(C).

The regulation states that if tax is included in the sales price, the business must do one of the following:

  • Provide a sign that is viewable by all purchasers, of the amount of tax charged, or
  • Provide a statement on the menu, price list, bill, or receipt that the sales price includes the amount of tax charged

In addition to the notice, the business must provide their customer with an itemized bill, if the customer requests.

The notice requirement applies to all restaurants, bars, hotels, mobile vendors, street vendors, and lunch wagons.

For Further Information

Vermont Department of Taxes – Fact Sheet #FS-1010