ZSA Special Report – BOE Chairman, Jerome E. Horton on Gov’t Shutdown

The Honorable Jerome E. Horton, Chairmain of the California Board of Equalization and member of the Franchise Tax Board has issued a statment on the impact of the federal government shutdown on taxpayers in California.

“The Board of Equalization and Franchise Tax Board will continue to authorize tax refunds,”  – Chairman Horton, BOE California

In summary, Mr. Horton assures us that California refunds will continue to be processed as usual while federal government refunds have been suspended.  Mr. Horton also points out that both state and federal filing obligations (income tax, sales and use tax) must be reported as usual – October 15th extended deadline still applies.

Chairman Horton goes on to explain the finer details of the federal government shutdown in the attached email statement.

ZSA Special Report – Jerome Horton on Government Shutdown 10.5.13