California – GO Biz Seminar in San Mateo Offers International and Economic Opportunity Tips – November 22, 2013

SALT Report 3135 – On November 22, 2013 in San Mateo, California, Second District Board of Equalization Member, Betty T. Yee and the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development (GO Biz) invite the business community to attend a Pak US Chamber of Commerce sponsored event to address the complexities of doing international business and to assist taxpayers in understanding among other things “how tax applies to internet sales”.

The Seminar is scheduled to address

  • Tips and tools for starting an international business
  • Export finance assistance programs and resources to assist small-to-medium size companies
  • How tax applies to Internet sales
  • Reporting international income and earnings
  • Contracting with the State of California
  • Using technology and innovation to improve business

For Further Information:

Betty Yee News Release – NR 114-13-Y (11/1/2013)

GO Biz San Mateo Seminar Details

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