Ohio – Reforming Historical Refund Practices

SALT Report 3180 – Ohio Tax Commissioner Joe Testa announces new refund approach.  In an effort to help businesses, “Ohio will be accelerating the outreach to businesses that inadvertently overpaid their taxes in order to make sure they are refunded every dollar owed to them.”

Testa wants to put an end to the “long time practice of keeping secret from business their tax overpayments and then confiscating unclaimed refunds after four years.”  For Testa “Jobs creator’s money does Ohio more good in their hands than in the hands of bureaucrats.”

“It just made my blood boil when, not long after taking office, we learned that the tax department was keeping a secret from businesses that they had overpaid their taxes and then was then playing games about returning their money.”

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OH – Accelerating returns of tax refunds



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