California – BOE New Year Resolution to “Zap” and Trash Tax Evasion in 2014

SALT Report 3214 – The Board of Equalization held a demonstration at the Badlands Sanitary Landfill on January 8, 2014 to display their commitment to “Zap” tax evasion.  After collecting more than $600,000 of illegal cigarette and tobacco products through 143 seizures, the BOE held a news conference while destroying the ill-gotten gains.  The BOE also used this event as a moment to remind taxpayers that beginning January 1, 2014 the use, sale or purchase of “zapper” software is illegal.

Zapper software “erases sales transactions, which enables users to avoid paying sales tax, and other point-of-sale fees collected on retail sales. Violators of this new law could be sentenced up to three years in the county jail and fined up to $10,000…”

Chairman Horton, “The BOE’s 2014 New Year’s Resolution is to keep cracking down on the criminals who don’t pay their fair share…”

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NR 2-14-G 1/8/14