California – “No Cash” Policy Statewide Expansion Begins February 2014

SALT Report 3217 – Due to its “great success”, the California Board of Equalization plans to expand the current “No Cash” policy; which was originally piloted in 12 of the 20 offices in 2012.  The plan is to “expand the No Cash policy in February 2014 to all field offices that accept payments.”  The proposal states further that “although the BOE provides multiple payment options for our tax and fee payers…there are a very limited number of taxpayers who can only pay with cash.  To accommodate these taxpayers, the BOE will offer an exemption to the No Cash policy.”  With the goal of this program being a reduction of wait time for its customers and improved overall efficiency.

The proposed start date of this No Cash policy is February 2014.

For Further Information:

Board Meeting:  November 19-20, 2013, Sacramento (Notice and Agenda)

Memorandum:  No Cash Policy Statewide Expansion

SALT Report 2507