Ohio –Tax Commissioner (Joe Testa) Delivers Commitment And Tax Refund, Literally

SALT Report 3247 – Today, Ohio Tax Commissioner, Joe Testa personally hand delivered a refund check to a taxpayer to make a point.  The check totaled $7,085.98 (tax and interest).  Ohio is now proactively reaching out to taxpayers to notify them when they overpay their taxes.  Historically, Ohio would be more passive in waiting for taxpayers to approach them eventually having money lapse to the state treasury.   The department is currently in the process of returning $40 million in overpaid business taxes and is pursuing permanent legislation to correct the oversight.

“It’s extremely important to return job creators any money that they’re owed, so they can use it to grow, expand and put Ohioans to work…”  – Joe Testa, Ohio Tax Commissioner

For Further Information:

Ohio Tax Alert Testa Delivers 2/12/14

Joseph W. Testa Tax Commissioner


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