South Dakota – Summary on Existing Sales Tax Exemptions (January 2013)

SALT Report 3270 – The South Dakota DOR created a report summarizing the fiscal impact of existing state sales tax exemptions in 2011.  The report was prepared for the Legislature’s Sales Tax Review Committee and has been updated for 2013.  The summary details various exemptions and quantifies the total estimated tax impact at a rate of 4%.  The general categories and summary impact are as follows:

Agriculture                          $221,911,812

Business Group                                $87,292,000

Financial Group                 $10,760,000

Manufacturing Group    $1,600,000

Transportation Group    $10,000,000

Healthcare                          $120,000,000

Civic and Nonprofit         $105,000

Educational                         $20,000,000

Government                      $100,000,000

Social Services                   $10,000,000

Further detail and specific exemptions are summarized by category with their separate fiscal impact broken out by law section.

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Summary of State Sales Tax Exemptions January 2013