Minnesota – Revoked Sales Tax Permits As Of April 24, 2014

SALT Report 3344 – Six pages of revocations.  The Minnesota Department of Revenue can suspend (“revoke”) the sales tax permit of any business or person that does not comply with sales and use tax laws.  A business with a revoked permit is not allowed to make retail sales, taxable or not, or provide taxable services.  A business with a revoked permit that continues to do so is subject to a $100-a-day fine and can be charged with a felony.  If an officer owes at least $500 the license of the business can be revoked.  If the business becomes current in filing and paying sales tax returns, their sales tax permit may be reinstated.  A security deposit may be required prior to reinstatement.

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Sales Tax Permit Revocations List (4/24/14)

Sales Tax Permit Revocations


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