Oklahoma – HB 3216 Passed May 2, 2014 Provides Relief For Tornado Victims Of 2012 and 2013

SALT Report 3358 – The Oklahoma legislature proposed and passed HB 3216 that provides certain tax and fee relief for tornado victims of the 2012 and 2013 season.

  • A credit for vehicle registration fees associated with the replacement of a destroyed registered vehicle
  • Exempting persons from remitting sales tax on the value of donated items used for assistance
  • Allowance of retention of sales tax remuneration on delinquent sales tax reports when the delinquency was a result of the tornado
  • A credit for vehicle excise tax associated with the replacement of a destroyed vehicle on which the excise tax was previously paid
  • A refundable income tax credit for any increased ad valorem tax resulting from rebuilding or repairing property damaged or destroyed
  • Maintains homestead exemption eligibility

For Further Information:

Bill Summary HB 3216

Bill Information HB 3216


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