California – BOE Appoints Chief Deputy Director and Deputy Director Of Administration

SALT Report 3370 – The BOE announced appointments of Mr. David Gau as Chief Deputy Director and Ms. Edna Murphy as the Deputy Director of Administration at the May 22, 2014 meeting.  Both appointments are effective immediately with Ms. Murphy reporting directly to Mr. Gau and Mr. Gau reporting directly to Executive Director, Cynthia Bridges.

“David Gau has served as Deputy Director of the BOE’s Property and Special Taxes Department since he was appointed in 2001. Prior to serving as Deputy Director, he served as a Principal Property Appraiser and then Chief in the BOE County-Assessed Properties Division since 1999. Mr. Gau also served as an analyst and manager in the Legislative Division from 1988-1998, and as an auditor with the BOE Sales and Use Tax Department from 1981-1987.”

“Edna Murphy has served as BOE’s Chief Fiscal Officer since 2012, where she’s been responsible for managing BOE’s $562-million budget and revenue collections of $56 billion. Ms. Murphy has 20 years of state service managing fiscal accountability.”

For Further Information:

News Release 77-14-H (May 28, 2014)