Florida—Department of Revenue (DOR) Tightens Protocol on Processing of Tax Warrants

SALT Report 3374 – In 2013, a total of 96,413 tax warrants for unpaid taxes were sent out by the DOR.  More than 7 percent of the tax warrants were incorrectly issued.   Governor Rick Scott was among the 7,000 residents who received an erroneous tax warrant notice for taxes that were paid correctly and timely.

The high percentage of erroneous tax notices prompted the DOR to review its tax warrant notices processing and procedures.  The DOR executive director Marshall Stranburg said, “Over 7 percent of tax warrants filed in error in 2013 is an unacceptably high percentage.  Since receiving media inquiries, the Department of Revenue has worked to tighten protocol to be better stewards of taxpayer dollars. ”

A taxpayer who believes they have received a tax warrant notice in error should contact the appropriate department immediately to resolve the issue.

For Further Information:

 News Release: Revenue Tightens Protocol on Tax Warrants Following Media Inquiry


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