Texas— New Visualization Tools for State Revenues and Expenditures

SALT Report 3375 – Sales, gas, income, and property are all items you pay taxes on.   The revenue from these sources provide services for public schools, safe highways, healthcare, prisons and social services for low income citizens, police and fire protection.   The Texas Transparency website’s newly designed visualization tools turns otherwise complicated data into easy-to-understand graphics.

The following are some of the visualization tools to help you understand how your tax dollars are spent.

  • Explore Government Spending .This tool lets you navigate state spending by Agency, Payee, and Expenditure Category.
  • Current Fiscal Year Revenue.  This tool lets you navigate state revenues by source.
  • Current Fiscal Year Expenditure.  This tool lets you navigate state spending by major category.
  • Fiscal Allocation Study for Texas (FAST). This tool examines how Texas schools districts and campuses spend their money and how this spending translates into student achievement.

For Further Information:

Texas Transparency Data Visualization


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