Alabama – Local Tax Updates For December

SALT Report 3528 – The State of Alabama has released several local tax notices regarding tax rate changes, a new levy and administrative changes, all effective December 1, 2014.

  • City of Andalusia – The AL DOR is now administering and collecting local taxes.
  • Town of Cordova – General Sales and Use tax rate increase to 3.000%.
  • Town of Notasulga – New rental tax rates.
    • Tangible personal property: 00%
    • Automotive vehicles, truck trailers, semi trailers and house trailers: 50%
    • Linens and garments: 00%
  • Town of Pine Hill – General Sales and Use tax increase to 2.50%.
  • Town of Semmes – General Sales and Use tax increase to 3.000%.
  • Town of Sweet Water – Services rendered by the Alabama Department of Revenue to administer and collect sales and use tax have been discontinued. Town of Sweet water is now utilizing the services of Revenue Discovery Systems (RDS) for the administration and collection of sales and use taxes  for all periods beginning with the tax period ending December 31, 2014.

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