Texas – Sales Tax Refund Deadline Extended From March 30, 2015 to April 30 2015

Salt Report 3582 –   The Texas Comptroller allows providers of cable television, internet access or telecommunications services to claim a refund of 6.25% Texas sales and use tax on qualifying purchases.  The refund deadline for the calendar year 2014 has been extended from March 31, 2015 to April 30, 2015.  The aggregate refund amount under this program is $50 million.  To the extent claimants exceed this cap amount eligible claimants will receive a pro rata share of the $50 million. Qualifying property includes tangible personal property used directly in the distribution of cable television services, the provision of internet access services or the transmission, conveyance, routing or reception of telecommunication services.

Further Information:

Sales Tax Refund for Providers of Cable Television, Internet Access or Telecommunications Services


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