Mississippi – Mississippi Sales Tax Holiday for Guns, Hunting Gear to Begin

Second Amendment Tax Free – The Mississippi gun sales tax holiday ends this Sunday, September 6, 2015. According to Lt Gov. Tate Reeves’office the sales tax holiday was started to encourage purchases of hunting supplies. According to Gun Show Director Bill Milstead and participants the most popular guns are assault weapons. No sales tax.


“Laura Hipp, a spokeswoman for Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves’ office, said the holiday was designed to be a tax break for state residents who needed to buy hunting supplies.

‘Hunting is the favorite pastime of so many Mississippians and a major tourism draw for rural areas,’ Lt. Gov. Reeves said in a news release. ‘The Second Amendment Sales Tax Holiday is a way to make these sports a little less expensive and encourage more families to enjoy the outdoors.’”

Wapt.com by Allie Ware

“Milstead said 30 years ago when it started, antique weapons ruled the sales, but with the times, the top sellers are changing.

‘You’re seeing more modern and assault weapons, because that is what people want,’ Milstead said.

Dealers at the gun show said they’re seeing new trends in who is buying guns, especially when it comes to some of the smaller pieces.

‘You need to protect yourself these days. There is too many people who want to take something that isn’t theirs, and a girl needs to protect herself,” shopper Norma Wilkerson said.’”

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