Missouri – College Student Would be Sole Voter in CID Sales Tax Decision

Unintended consequences in the creation of the Business Loop 70 Community Improvement District result in a lone college student being the only registered voter qualified to approve a sales tax increase. At 23 years old she is considering the implications of the unusual circumstances and has resisted requests for her to unregister so property owners can vote and pass the increase.

m.columbiatribune.com by Caitlin Campbell

“A mistake by representatives of the Business Loop 70 Community Improvement District means a sales tax increase the district needs to thrive will require approval by a single University of Missouri student.

On Feb. 28, Jen Henderson, 23, became the sole registered voter living within the community improvement district, or CID, meaning she is the only person who would vote on a half-cent sales tax increase for the district.”

“Taxing their food is kind of sad, especially when” Gartner “is going to be making like $70,000 a year off of this whole deal,” Henderson said. “These people make a quarter of that. They can barely afford to go buy food, and you’re taxing their food.”

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