Ohio – Tax Breaks for Data Centers All the Rage

Dispatch.com by David A. Lieb – October 4, 2015

“The benefits are debatable. Although the centers cost hundreds of millions of dollars to build and equip, they employ relatively few workers. That means they produce little in the way of new income taxes but could provide a surge in property and sales taxes — if governments don’t waive those taxes, which many do.”

“The biggest recipient in Ohio has been Amazon, which received $81 million in state incentives and $20 million in local incentives in return for its $1.1 billion investment. The company’s subsidiary, Vadata, plans three data centers in central Ohio.”

“Nevada awarded an estimated $229 million of sales- and property-tax breaks for data-center developer Switch to get started on $3 billion of expansions at sites in Las Vegas and Reno, one of which the company claims will become the world’s largest data center.”

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