South Carolina – S Carolina Shoppers Latest to Pay Taxes on Amazon Sales by Seanna Adcox – November 28, 2015

“A sales-tax break the Legislature gave Amazon in 2011 expires Jan. 1, making South Carolinathe last state to collect among those where officials cut similar deals with the online retail giant.

Taxing Amazon’s in-state sales could add tens of millions of dollars to South Carolina’s coffers in 2016, said Max Behlke, the National Conference of State Legislatures’ manager of state and federal relations.

State Revenue Director Rick Reames declined to give estimates beyond saying, “We expect a significant increase in sales tax revenues.”

For years, the Seattle-based company fought collecting sales taxes from its customers. The U.S. Supreme Court has twice ruled — in 1967 and 1992 — that a state can’t require a company to collect and remit the tax unless it has a “physical presence” in the state.”

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