Massachusetts – Tax Amnesty From April 1 through May 31 2016

SALT Report 3780 – Beginning April 1, 2016 the Department of Revenue will be conducting a two month tax amnesty for qualified taxpayers. This amnesty is open to businesses and individuals who:

  • Have not filed all returns – Any business or individual who has not filed one or more tax returns despite being obligated to do so
  • Have underreported taxes – Any business or individual who understated taxes due on a previously filed tax return and wants to correct the error

Although the word amnesty implies good and positive things including the alleviation of overbearing tax burdens taxpayers must be mindful of the “big stick” waiting for non-participating taxpayers.

Consequences After MA Tax Amnesty 2016

DOR’s new state-of-the-art integrated tax system will make it easier to identify those who have not complied with Massachusetts tax laws. Take advantage of the benefits of amnesty rather than risk greater consequences, such as:

  • You may be assessed double the amount of tax due and other penalties.
  • You’ll lose the limited lookback period. There is no statute of limitations on unfiled returns.
  • You may risk a six-year lookback on a previously filed return if certain underreporting criteria are identified.
  • You will face escalating enforcement efforts, including potential criminal prosecution.

For further Information:

MA Tax Amesty Web Page 2016