Vermont – Department of Taxes Implements New Measures to Prevent Fraud

SALT Report 3797 – The Vermont Department of Taxes started accepting personal income tax returns on January 19, 2016, the same time as the IRS. Taxpayers should be aware that the department is implementing new measures to combat personal income tax fraud for the 2016 tax filing season, and that they may experience delays in receiving their refunds.

The department has experienced a sharp rise in attempted tax refund fraud, an alarming trend that mirrors what is happening in other states and at the federal level. Rings of criminals nationwide and even internationally are using stolen credentials, including Social Security numbers, to falsely claim refunds. A legitimate taxpayer who is victimized in these criminal plots can face significant delays in receiving a refund. The department is taking new steps this year to better identify and prevent fraud and maintain the integrity of Vermont’s tax administration.

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