Florida – Possible Sales Tax Increase

SALT Report 3811 – Palm Beach County commissioners voted 5-2 on May 17, 2016 to give their final approval to wording of a proposed 1-cent sales tax add-on that will go to voters on the Nov. 8 ballot if cities also approve.

County commissioners and the Palm Beach County School Board initially agreed on May 10 to the revised wording for sharing $2.7 billion in revenue from the penny-on-the-dollar sales surtax over 10 years, or less if the revenue goal is reached sooner.

To make the ballot, the proposal now only needs approval from cities accounting for at least half of the total population of the county’s 38 municipalities. Under the conditions of the May 10 deal, if the cities don’t approve the wording by June 10, the School Board will be allowed to rescind its support.

If the question goes on the ballot and is approved by a majority of county voters, the sales tax charged in Palm Beach County will increase from 6 percent to 7 percent, beginning Jan. 1.

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