Pennsylvania – Tax Amnesty Program 2017

SALT Report 3865 – The Pennsylvania Department of Revenue will administer a PA Tax Amnesty program which will run from April 21, 2017 to June 19, 2017.

During the 60-day timeframe, the department will waive all penalties and half of the interest for anyone who participates in the Tax Amnesty program.

Taxes eligible for the Tax Amnesty program include:

  •  Agriculture Cooperative Tax;
  •  Bank and Trust Company Shares Tax;
  •  Capital Stock or Foreign Franchise Tax;
  •  Cigarette Tax;
  •  Corporate Net Income Tax;
  •  Corporate Loans Tax;
  •  Electric Cooperative Tax;
  •  Employer Withholding Tax;
  •  Financial Institutions/Title Insurance Company Shares Tax;
  •  Fuel Use Tax;
  •  Gross Premiums Tax;
  •  Gross Receipts Tax
  •  Hotel Occupancy Tax, including the state administered 1% Local Hotel Occupancy Tax for Philadelphia and Allegheny County;
  •  Inheritance and Estate Tax;
  •  Liquid Fuels Tax;
  •  Malt Beverage Tax;
  •  Marine Underwriting Profits Tax;
  •  Motor Carriers Road Tax, for IFTA vehicles, PA portion only;
  •  Motor Vehicle Carriers Gross Receipts Tax;
  •  Mutual Thrift Institutions Tax;
  •  Oil Company Franchise Tax;
  •  Parimutuel Wagering and Admissions Tax;
  •  Personal Income Tax;
  •  Public Transportation Assistance (PTA);
  •  Public Utility Realty Tax;
  •  Realty Transfer Tax, including Local Realty Transfer Tax;
  •  Sales and Use Tax, including Local Sales and Use Tax for Philadelphia and Allegheny County;
  •  Surplus Lines Tax;
  •  Unauthorized Insurance Tax, monthly; and Vehicle Rental Tax (VRT)

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