North Dakota – ND Feminine hygiene products sales tax exemption nixed

NICK SMITH Bismarck Tribune 22 hrs ago

“Women in North Dakota will remain among the vast majority in states in which the purchase of feminine hygiene products is subject to sales and use taxes. A bill to change that was widely defeated by the Senate Wednesday.

Support for Senate Bill 2254 was minimal, going down by a 3-43 vote. It would have added tampons and sanitary napkins to the list of items in state statute exempt from sales and use tax. It would have taken effect June 30.

Most states exempt a number of items from sales tax. As of last summer, at least six states had an exemption for feminine hygiene products as well as another five states that don’t have any sales tax in statute.

The topic has built up steam nationally in the past year or so, with several states introducing legislation for the exemption. Arguments among supporters in other states that have pushed similar legislation include that it’s a double-standard and unfair to not exempt such products that are a necessity for women”…

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